You and I

Forever Lasts A Moment

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i know the trees lost their leaves longs ago,
its just the air seems so much coler now, if i could do it again i'd do it differently, do you hear the bells ringing, they're ringing, but where is my angel,
but where is my angel, words they come and kill, never long enough, but where is my angel, but where is my love(you said forever would last this time)
waiting (you speak as fast as you leave),
these past few weeks have been hand, and i just sit there and tell myself that it will workout in the end, always fooling ourselves these times of watered eyes,
i felt selfish having desires, you'll have to excuse me because i'm so selfish, i just realize there somethings i need, isn't this life so wonderful,
isn't this life fucking shit, the bells are ringing but where's my angel, i never believed in much but i believed in you, surrendered everything but your not listening, if i would have knowon this yesterday i should have killed myself, because forever lasts a moment, what is sense(so high on adoration)
from cold hands, (its like kissing long, lost love but november has chapped my lips, cracked lips bleed), some years before or was it years after sense driven lips they wandered, where's my angel, (i carved"hope" in my wrist, i bled hope from my life), sound in,
but where's my angel( no i can't see the truth in your eyes), ask what would you fall in love for,
touch it and so it died, what's that in pretentious dreams, mechanic humility, where's my angel.