Age Of Nemesis

Forgive Me My Foolish Crime

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I feel you're so far away
Don't know just where you're stayin'
All I want is to see your face
Come on, please, n' give me hope
Bring me light wherever I go
Help me through the night, so dark
Morning is just to far... it's just too far

There's no one left in me
There's nothing inside me
My body hurts no more
And I feel no fear now either
They hit me and beat me,
Torture me, humiliate me,
It hurts, I reply
And they know that's not a lie

There are only good and
Bad roads we can choose from
I made my decision
Maybe it was wrong, I don't know...
And if this treacherous faith departs
From within my heart
Think of me with regret
Cos there's no justice left!

And now life goes on and on
A grave mistake, but now it's gone
Once again we're drowned in dirt:
Egotistic, selfish-worth
I don't need my body now
I can't use it anyhow
There's no fear within my heart
It's gone forever...

Life continues in its whirl
I'm not angry at the world
I was lost, but that's my strife
I only wanted what seemed right
And the Land of Light awaits
That's if it's not all just a fake
Keep my memory in your mind
Forgive me my foolish crime

I don't need my body now
I can't use it anyhow
Forgive me my foolish crime
Keep my memory in your mind

Writer/s: Zoltan Fabian