Frozen Mist


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The hour of emptiness arrives
This pure and unbroken obsession
Sharp thorns twist your wicked neck
A torn feeling of beautiful passion.

You're so delicate to the touch
Hope shatters the abyss above
The fragile expressions on your face
I'm drifting away from your love.

From the black gates I stare
At the birth of another darkened sky
The cold wet snow under my feet
They lead me towards the unholy grave
I kneel down beside the marble stone
An aurora of light beckons the cries
Heard from above the dismal clouds
My dark angel relive my pain.

(Repeat Chorus)

I lay my head gently to your grave listening
While these burning tears stream down my face
Soft whispers, I hear your soul call my name
Silent words caress the bleeding of my fears.

This bloody river has filled my tears of torment
You drank my innocence yet held me so close
You were my devil, twisting words of emotional love
This passion foreshadowing I shatter your embrace.

Do you hear me on these endless nights?
I shed my cursed blood upon your darkened grave
Wretched yearning of desperation
I still feel your kiss under the moonlight, how divine!

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