Marshall Crenshaw

From Now Until Then

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I try to laugh at the memory
But it just laughs back at me
Took a big chance on a sure thing that wasn't to be
So now I'm back at the same place
I though that those days were done
I just shake my head at Heaven
And say That's a good one..

I'm sitting down on the ground
Time will change things around

But From Now Until Then
It's through the fire yet again
Trying to make it to the end
From Now Until Then

See that Guy? He looks happy
But who knows what is in his head
Who knows what he might be leaving unsaid
Maybe his heart is untroubled
He's walking around without a care
Or maybe he's got a dozen kinds of despair

So many ups and downs
Time can change things around

In a dream I had this morning
The telephone rang and Salvation came on the line
I hated to let go of
The dream I had this morning
When salvation came on the line
Just in time

Sitting down on the ground
I'm gonna change things around.

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