Fuck The Ops

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Fuck the police! [x8]
Motherfuck the Ops! [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Bro, I'm down for the street
I'm like 10 feet deep
Task force with the B, bitch
Them streets run deep
I'm not doing nothing illegal
Still I get pulled over
I wear my suit with the black bentley
I'm a finna by an island flexing baby bentley
I fuck for real cops, not the fake cops
Fake cops in the hood taking over blocks
Fake cops fuckin hoes like the streets do
Middle fingers up if they hate on you

Fuck the police! [x8]
Motherfuck the Ops! [x8]

[Verse 2:]
Got pulled over last week
No shirt, beenie cap, gold teeth
I look kind of weird when I'm driving
He act like I'm riding with that shawty
Don't let me have a girl in the front
They thinking I'm fucking hoes in the murk
I hate fake cops 'cause they judge me
I ain't got no drugs and I pay my taxes
I ain't got no ratchets, I ain't baggin
I respect you and I know my right
I ain't no fake rapper, this is rap money
No trap money, just rap money
God told me that I got to keep it better
Top notch, nigga I love the struggle
Pay cops, me tryin to flex
Real cops, I salute real respect

[Hook: x2]
Fuck the police! [x8]
Motherfuck the Ops! [x8]