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We're rolling on. We say "So long
Darling, I love you" and I...
I let you go and watch you go
Farther out of view, "Good-bye"

And after all the love is over
This loneliness remains
A loneliness to prove my love
Oh, well even when a song is over
Some melody remains
A memory of harmony and you

As we go along, floating on
Wooh, the song, will return to me
And through it all, on and on,
Flow through our galaxies
"Till we meet again"

With open arms we hear the song
Songs will have to do, until
We meet again, how long till then?
I'm in love with you. I will...

...survive until the wait is over
When you and I again
Begin the way we both began
Oh, and even when the song is over
The melody remains
A memory of harmony and you

And we'll go along, on and on
Move as one where we both should be
For after all, we belong
Two in one galaxy
"Till we meet again"

And so on and on, we belong
Two as one in a galaxy
Where through the years all can hear
Our sweet harmony
"Till we meet again"

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