Lucifer's Friend

Gamblin' Man

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Papa said I'm a fool tonight.
He doesn't really try to know me.
I don't care!
The guys are here
I've got the dice
You don't have to go to school today
if this is what you wanna learn.
All the cats they wanted to play.
C'Mon, Man,
Throw them.
It doesn't matter
what game you play,
it doesn't really matter
what game you choose.
If you don't have Lady Luck,
pretty sure your gonna lose.
Roll 'em once, roll 'em twice,
you got to roll again
If you're thinking to win
you're just a fool,
Shake 'em once, shake 'em twice,
you got to shake again you got to roll.'em
you got to throw them for me.
I'm sailing down the Mississippi,
working like I know how,
I didn't know which way I was goin'
but that's o. k. right now.
A gamblin' man, it's all I'll ever be,
but don't you ever worry.
I was born, when the odds were wrong,
my Mama left me in a sure fire hurry.
(Mid Chorus)

Writer/s: Lucifer's Friend

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