Of Montreal

Gelid Ascent

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You are what parasites evolved from
Still an unanswered question
You are the refused energy from a superior form
Nothing that occurs to you is intended for your involvement
You're an irrelevant effect
Unavoidable, but of low influence
One last thing that you must understand
To be dead is to be confused, to be mistaken

You speak to me
Like the anguish of a child doused in flames
Oh, you speak to me
Like the stones bashing your skull and brain exposes

Oh, it's plain to see
200,000 years of viciousness
The violent heart dissolves
A ? weak, cracked-out species

You speak to me
Like your life was annihilated in space
You speak to me
In a voice that ?

What do you know?
You know nothing of the ?
The ? of abandonment
The dehumanized ? of love
You speak to me

Writer/s: Kevin Barnes

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