General Hospital

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I awoke in a room that was occupied by
Those about to die
For my sleep was disturbed by the sound
Of old mens cries for help
What's this place what the hell am I
Doing here
What's happened to me and I'm
Wondering what kind of state my
Mind and body's in

Be calm please lay back
We will help you rest for a while


And I yelled "No you don't I'm not
Going to sleep"
I'm just gonna get my body out of here
I pushed the bottle down away from my
But felt the needle stab like a spear

As my legs started shaking
The room revolved around my aching head
And the floors rushing up just to greet me
Laying there on my back as the ceiling
Flies away and from me
Was I finally losing my hold on reality

Be calm take this pill
We will help you rest for a while


Writer/s: Yngwie Malmsteen