Troubled Hubble

Get Lost

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Well what we have here is you and me
And we're not going to give up that easy
Where will you go when this day is over
I don't know

There is so much anger behind your beauty
There's so much beauty behind your anger
And what comes out is like
Bloody feet on a sandy beach
In my favorite season
Know that you and I will one day, one day

Get lost, get lost

And are things the way you want them to be
No, they aren't
And they never are it seems
I'm on the phone
You're on the moon
We're in each other's bedroom
But this can't go on, this can't exist
When you've got two hearts
That won't wanna live with the other one
You get out of here now
You can do it, escape and face your fear

Get lost, get lost and you get lost
You get lost and you get lost...

You fight the freeze
And cut down trees
In your cities of conformities
And if I cooperate nerve
If I cooperative with the traffic officer
If I cooperative with the roads
I'll never, ever get lost

Writer/s: Chris Otepka / Troubled Hubble

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