Gimme My Swag Back

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(Mmmhmm niggas playing me like I'm pussy? Ik, I'm a remember that. and I'm a check the game off you feel me. aye bruhh, yeah, I know, okay, you feel me, yeah this might be yo beat but why you don't fuck with me huh? I'm a tell you why you don't fuck with me because I gotta lotta swag nigga that's why, & I'm a tell somebody else something man, I gotta lotta bitches & everybody know me, you know what I'm saying, I'm a tell you man.)

I'm yelling bitch mob motherfuck the task
All you sucka ass niggas puttin' the game on wax

If, you was a real nigga you woulda had my back
I'm yelling bitch mob nigga hate on that

You kissed the ho ass, I'm a break her back
They hounding out life what type of game is that

Twenty with a l, I ain't playin' that
I'm really to smart to be locked in chains

You niggas d.t.m (down to murder) this is not a game
I don't give a fuck, I am not a lame

Four door volvo can't stop a train
I'm on top of game, bitch mob I'm hot

Tucked off low in the other spot
I was the underdog with the ziploc

Damn based god let them bitches know
Based world berkeley, down to the o

Down to the richmond, I rep forreal
Bitch mob niggas I got girls forreal

I don't give a fuck, cause I look so good
Fucked the bitch ass cause I know you wouldn't

You do't play this, I don't give a fuck
Cause based world know I keep the guns up