Girls on Trampolines

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They page Party Guy, he pages them back with the number where's at, they let the phone ring
‘Til Party Guy picks it up and says, “Behind Burger King”
Should they make another run? Their fake says they're 21, they're not sure they got enough, should they go buy more stuff?
He says, “Forget about the stuff, they've got more than enough, they thought of everything,” he says,

“They've got more beer than he's ever seen
And they've got girls on trampolines
They tapped ten kegs since9:15
And they've got girls on trampolines”

Quoth the Party Guy, he doesn't ever lie, it sounds like their scene, but they don't have a ride
So they call Ride Guy who comes by and with a sigh he lets them in his ride (Okay!)
And Drunk Guy tells Ride Guy to shut up and just drive when he asks about the stuff and about the thing
But Nice Guy kicks Drunk Guy and tells Ride Guy that Party Guy said it's party-time behind Burger King, he says,


But Nice Guy's talk of trampolines makes Drunk Guy turn green and he pukes on Jon Fee and Ride Guy's ride hits a tree
Which causes Weed Guy to drop his seeds at the feet of Officer One, Officer Two and Officer Three
And Officer One says, “Looky here, son, I hate speeding MIP's who have seeds and hit trees,”
One and two wanted to beat ‘em and kill ‘em and eat ‘em, but they deferred to Officer Three who said,

“I hear there's a shindig behind Burger King
And I hear there's girls on trampolines
The tree looks fine and the driver's clean
Just give them girls on trampolines”
God bless the wisdom of Officer Three
Just give them girls on trampolines!

Writer/s: Andrew Volpe