Giving Up

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I used to make the light shine for you. the sun has left my sky. velvet walls surround my sorrows. I've sacrificed my pride. you're giving up on me.
I've laid myself to sleep tonight. I know you've played out everything in your mind.
And now you throw it all away.

A shattered memory that you would stay, through thick and thin with me.
You're giving up on me. and when you feel the pain, I'm wishing I could stay.
How can I say I love you back, you never made me happy.
You've laid yourself to sleep, I never said this wouldn't hurt.

You gave up everything; I never said I'd give it back.
I know you'll never change; I won't be good enough for you.
I know, you'll make it through,
I'll never be around to see.

Writer/s: Shane Told