Secret Lives Of The Freemasons

Glazed Over Eyes Never Lie

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We died for you just not to give a second glance,
But i know you'll be back again for me to ruin you
For you to destroy me...
Love is our motto, love is you and me
I still wonder if your day's well spent where you go and where you'll be,
Kill the man it's been so long, he hasn't slept and his bloodshot eyes are killing me,
But don't go out tonight for the fear of messing up
Put another scar in his heart,
But i know exactly what you'll try to say to me tonight
We're all sick for love's sake
And for all shame he's shown we'll all break and lie down and die again for another embrace
And i still wonder where you rest your head, where your eyes close, where you lay
Kill the story, kill the song, forget her face
No more bloodshot eyes that rain
Don't go to sleep tonight for the fear of waking up in someone else's arms,
But i know exactly what you were trying to say to me,
And you shot eyes that have broken my soul
A wintery glance that cut me in two but i still walk around and wonder where you'll be,
And then i sing that i know exactly what you were trying to say to me
True love all you brag about...
I don't feel true love...

Writer/s: Secret Lives of the Freemasons

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