Luna Amara


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Divided and strangled, what I do is chase a lie
None of those I need to feel
Clutching a fist to morphine scars and ties
Lose my grip on what was real
What's real?

Denial kept so clean is poisonous defeat
So front your will and make a choice
No riddles left to break no need for secrecy
Just open up and hear your voice

Need to feel your glowing
Pushing light-years into days
Scared of you not knowing
Mind breaks soul fades into gray

Dead is the hour and crippled looks your smile
Haven't you had just enough?
It's making you act a lot like so surprised
This joke's on you, why don't you laugh?

So you'll die alone
A morphine-clutching fist
Traded what you were
For what you could have been
Hope for once you'll see

The man you chose to be
Was just your fucking enemy