Jesse Malin

God's Lonely People

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Newspaper lovers break up on Page 6
Bus stop single mothers
Dream of getting rich
Hollywood suns and daughters
With teenage Jesus scars
They took her to see a doctor
Now she's gonna be a star

Don't it always go that way?
Don't it always go that way sweet child?
God's lonely people
Get it on when summer's gone
Eye of the needle
The weekend comes with the damage done

A thousand dollars later in a last chance poker game
He said a prayer for his children
But the angel never came

Don't it always go that way

God's lonely people
Long lost love we're dreaming of
Powers of evil
Feeling dumb and American

Where we stand
They killed a man
I almost saw it on TV
But they washed it clean so that kids could dream

God's lonely people
Pay to come like everyone
Eye of the needle
The king is dead it's all been said

I am the one that wants to go back
I want the unconditional…

Writer/s: Holly Ramos / Jesse Malin

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