Dick Curless

Golden Girl

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Her hair has the color of the golden summer sun
Her skin like golden wheat at harvest time
Her eyes were as clear as the cool mountrain stream
Her lips the shade of cherries at picking time

Her soul was as pure as the Sunday morning silence
Her innocence as sweet as a baby's smile
And never had the hands of a man caressed her body
No evil in this silent world of Golden Girl

I called her Golden Girl because I did not know her name
Her lips had never spoke a single word
And her ears had never heard the sounds of the outside world
And the love words that I spoke she never heard

She could not hear nor speak but her eyes would question me
She did not understand my needs as I would hold her
But there was no way I could take any of the good
From the untouched silent world of Golden Girl

Though I wanted her so much I could not bring myself to touch
The sacred innocence of one so pure
So I left her where I found her in the silence that surrounds her
Twas better to have left her than to take her I am sure
And I strayed for a while in the silent world of Golden Girl

Though I wanted her so much...

Writer/s: Dolly Parton

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