Golden Street

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As I watched the young man speak the truth
With the wisdom of the old, and the passion of the youth
Something seemed to echo aloud in my spirit
It must have been the Holy Ghost making sure I could hear it

The young man raised his tone, "I've got something to say.
These things have come from above in the most mysterious ways."
He said "Shame, shame is not your friend.
It's the companion of the blind and the unforgiven.
I've confessed my sins, both future and past, 'cause
My Friend Jesus walked through hell to save my ass

And then the soldier turned my way
And looked me straight in the eye
He said, "Brother you've been dead so long
But I can see now that you're alive."
I fell to my knees and cried
I prayed for God to take my pride.
The holy man picked up my face
And held me with an angel's grace.
He said, "Now you're free to truly live.
A forgiven heart will freely give.
And now you're free to live in Joy,
With the trusting heart of a little boy.
And not fret on what's to come
For what's to come is God's Son."

The young man turned around, picked up his coat.
Broadened his shoulders a bit and he cleared his throat.
He said, "I just think it's time we knew what we're worth.
To the Author of the sun and the stars and the Savior of earth."

The young man walked away. I haven't seen him since that day.
It's not the last time that we'll meet.
Maybe next time...along a golden street.