Gomawu Miahnhae (inglês)

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When did you start waiting..
I am always sorry when I see you guys exhausted
I can not say a word but will you remember just this
The shy contents inside your pretty letters
I, who was in pain,
become happy
In front of the tears that sometimes fill your eyes
I couldn't do anything for you but

Inside our music,
the endless song you sang out loud together was all for you guys
More than the words I love you more than the words thank you
I want to to say that we will be together forever

We, who were hurt easily
The days we spent as we comforted and protected each other
Unable to say a word
The reason we were able to hold our two fists tightly and say nothing like that would happen ever again
(Is because there was the love of you guys)
The reason we were able to bear with it as we sat up many nights crying is because we had the love of you guys
It is something made by us not me (for a beautiful memory in the days ahead)
I know your heart that tried to comfort my exhausted face that shook sometimes


If someone said it was a star that couldn' t be approached
I can't wipe off the tears flowing down from your eyes
but I'll say it now from the closest place from you
Your stories that say you went through all the hard times by seeing and listening to us
and your letters that were more admirable than anything in the world,
and small presents
Your pretty eyes that lit and opened our hearts with a limpid light
When I am exhausted and swaying it raised me up
Do you know I am very thankful.
Like the feeling of one
As much as we worried about each other
We will always think of you guys
Always I did that
We can not substitute for your feelings that head towards us but remember our honest hearts..

More than the words I love you
More than the words thank you
I want to to say that we will be
together forever