David Allan Coe

Gone (Like)

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She's taken to walking alone in the evening
She's taken to sleeping all night in his chair
Together they both had a reason for living
Back when the felling of loving was there

Then she took to dreaming when he wasn't looking
And he took to looking for moments alone
Together they drifted apart from each other
Together they both knew the felling was gone

Gone like the sparrow south for the winter
Gone like the river out to the sea
Gone like the leaves from the trees when its snowing
Gone like the love that they once gave so free

Till he took to starring at his lonesome shadow
And she took to humming the words to some song
They both felt it slipping that feeling of giving
Leaving the feeling of being alone

Each of them reach out for the other
Together they go though the motions alone
Trying to pretend that nothing else matters
Making believe that their love isn't gone

Writer/s: David Allan Coe

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