Hide And Seek

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Yes, I confess
I'm looking forward to
I'm looking after you
On any cab I get
On any street I step
I'm seeking you

I guess you don't know
Where do I come from
If I'm feeling safe or all alone
And if I stop you to say hello
Would you know my name?
Do you know my name? I do

No, maybe I don't want this to come true
I like to hide and seek
I think it's better if you don't look at me
I look at you
'Cos I know where you do come from
I'm so close to you
You wont feel alone

Never ask and you'll never know
Would you feel the same?
Yes, you feel the same
You do
Do, do do do do

Doesn't matter where we come from
Close or far, so far alone
We don't need to stop me to say hello
'Cos we feel the same
And I know your name
I do