Fred Small

Gonna Get A Grant

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Ooh I can't get out of bed
Let's stay at home instead
I just want to play with you all day
Good loving gives me a thrill
But it don't pay the bills
Somehow true love will find a way.
Gonna get a grant! Gonna get a grant!
Gonna get a grant to be in love
We'll philander for philanthropy
Doing what comes naturally
Let's get a grant for love!
Yum yum, we sure can cook
It's time we wrote the book
The whole world needs our recipe
We'll cuddle without a care
In our own endowed chair
In applied anthropology
Won't need no advanced degrees
We'll show 'em how we hug and sqeeze
Kisses so delectable
They've got to be tax-deductible.
From Berkeley to M.I.T.
We'll be our favorite charity
Donating our bodies to research
We'll hit the best resorts
Sending quarterly reports
Graphing every lesson we have learned.
Your methods drive me mad
I want to fund you so bad
And when our passion's sated
We can be evaluated!

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