The Tears

Gonna Take You Home

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Gonna Take You Home (Gonna bite the dust 'cos he's down like that)Here's another one, gonna bite the dust
Thinks he's all that, sitting on his behind-what?
'cos he's down like that 'cos he's down like that
Gonna bite the dust 'cos he's down like thatI see em' come and I see em' go-go
Taking all my money does he think I don't know?
So he's out like that, out my life like that
Gonna bite the dust now he's out like thatI've seen the world through my eyes, the only surprise
Is that I've gone and found you baby
You even got you own car, your money and job
So now I'm gonna tell you maybe(Chorus)I think I'm gonna take you home
Not goin' to the club, not goin' to the after-party
You only gotta let me know when you wanna go
An we'll be making love by 12 o'clock
I feel we gotta be alone, to talk about a man
To talk about a man who loves his girl
You know we gonna take it home, I'm working non-stop
An freak it 'till the break of dawnHe was another one gonna bite the dust
Now he's all that opening his heart to trust
'cos he's down like that, 'cos he's down like that
Opening his heart, yeah, he's down like thatI've seen em' come and I've seen em' go-go
But this one boy's special and I hope that he knows
Now I'm down like that, now I'm down like that
Caring for this boy, yeah, I'm down like that
It's better when you're in love, but when you're outta' love
It's hard to show your feelings, baby
I know that times have been tough, and life has been rough
But now I gotta tell you, baby(Chorus)(Ooh) I think-I think I'm on
To talk about a man, to talk about a man, yeah(Rap)This is another one, gonna bite the dust,
'cos he's all that sittin' on his behind - what?
'cos he's down like that, 'cos he's down like that
Ya, hook it, gonna bite the dust down like that - what?
I've seen 'em come and I've seen em go-go
They're all lined up looking like a freak show
But they're down like that, but they're down like that ya'll
I bite the dust 'cos they're down like that-what?(Chorus)