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Woo woo woo
(repeat 6x)
Uh huh uh huh
(repeat 3x)

1st Verse:
Bet you rememer how I
Used to put it down
When you used to be my baby
We used to hang out at the crib, boo
Could get around town till you switched the game up on me
You never realized what you had (what you had)
Now that I'm gone I know I won't be back
And I can smile cause it's so funny (funny)
That's what you get for tryna do me shady

And I heard about the chick you had in my car
Should've known the day would come when you would get caught
Never thought that I would ever take it this far
But you know what, you should've stepped your game up
And you can't be mad now cause I'm on my G
I'ma play him the same way he tried to play me
Tell me how does it feel now
You sitting lonely
Thinking bout me

You know that I'm Good
(uh huh uh huh)
And you should
(uh huh uh huh)
I wish you would
Go and kick that with somebody else
Don't try to run that bull... on me (on me)
I'm good
(uh huh uh huh)
And you should
(uh huh uh huh)
I wish you would
Go and kick that with somebody else
Don't try to run that bull... on me

2nd Verse:
And then he had the nerve to think that I'ma fall back
While he flaunts this chick in my face (my face)
But what he don't know is that I really don't care
I don't need that man for nothang (nothang)
I got my own and I'm not concerned (not concerned)
Quit holding on, just let it burn
Can't trust you far as my eyes can see
Made up my mind and it's not changing NO NO

B-Section (ad-libs):
In my car
You would get caught no no
Ohhh whoaa

Chorus (ad-libs):
Please believe that I'm good
No no, noooo nooo
On meeee
You should
I wish you would yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Ebony Eyez:
You know that Ebony Eyez enticing several guys
I ain't for playing no games, had enough of your lies
See my patience is low and I don't care if you go
Baby all I wanna know is why you moving so slow
Ain't the type to break a sweat and get all upset
Baby boy I'm a vet, you don't pose no threat
And you can just stop it, I'm hip to your act
And ain't no way this hot chick'll ever take you back
Just tryna get some change and sit up in the range
While you looking all strange, acting crazy deranged
Naw, baby I'm cool, see the number one rule
Never let a brother play you like you Boo Boo the Fool
And it ain't no sense in steadily begging me to come back
See I done already been there and done back
And you could never ever play me for the dummy type
You need to get your money tight and your mind right

Chorus to End

Ending Ad-libs:
I'm good, I'm good
And you should
Keep wishing you would yeah
Wishing you could yeah
Wooo you should
With somebody else
Somebody else