Short Stack


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You know,
You've been,
My beauty queen;
I loved you since
I was fifteen;
Now that's all gone

And every time,
We hit those lights,
I swear,
The feeling's gone,
The rush is dead;
And I can't do this anymore

But I guess you oughta know,
When I'm out here in the dark,
I can make it on my own,
Like I should've from the start;
Oh no,
I know,
It's time to say goodbye

(It's time,
It's time,
To say...)

I wrote,
Our lives,
The charts and stars;
They gave you,
Made you,
What you are;
Now you can have them,
As we're done

And I'm sure one day,
When I'm older;
I'll regret
This one disclosure;
But I don't want to start a war

But I guess you oughta know,
I was lost but now I'm found,
Like a queen without a throne,
Like a king without his crown;
Oh no,
I know,
This ship is going down

(It's time,
It's time,
To say goodbye)