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I met my queen at fifteen years old
Before I ressurected goals of studios and shows
Before I'd stare at screens in theatres watching my dreams roll
Before Diesel and open toes we wore Timbos and Girbauds
Back when my hightop fade was flat
Shorties with plaits and cowries, two finger rings, no head
Her natural tresses were pulled back tucked in Negro League
She said, " I prefer some soca, but I've got love for rap"
In fact her favourite rappers were "Nas, Pac, Rick, and Common"
Back when he was booming in your jeep
"I was visiting some peeps at your school during the week
You were sleepin' when I saw you on the street you wouldn't
Walk on by, passing me by
On the pharcyde of the lunchroom, damn
We glanced eyes, hi and bye
"I had a man, his girl and I were best friends"
Years go by, graduated, went to Harvard
I and I said goodbye

Flash to the backyard parties where I'd dance with my boo
Salute the fam, build with my crew and grab a number or two
From a piece of my love in 9-2, can you stand the rain?
Love is pain, you know what, I'm through
With my popcorn love, act 2, scene 2
"My best friend's his ex-girl"
And now she's to my rescue
The late phone convo's
"I see his vision with my eyes closed"
I'm hearing her pitch and hearing thoughts of stories untold
Not for public readership, this is a private issue, tears and
"Mamas not here"
Aunt Jo we miss you
I taste fear, the phone calls turn to prayer vigils
I smell love
"I feel support"
I got your back, I'm with you
I touched love, she wasn't ready but said "Damn I miss you"
Like shots, meals, and attention when we were little
Could we have known
From campus visits now we're grown
"We got degrees, I'm flying home to see him rock microphones"

She was my La femme Nikita
"We'd dance merengue and the salsa"
Laid back, trees wrapped in a joya de Nicaragua
Wine or lime in a corona while I down a German lager
Had me open mama
"Now we need to end this saga"
With tour schedules can love grow mature like escrow
We're playing games with our feelings and what you reap is what
you sow
She said, "a tangled web you weave when you practice to
I found it hard to believe I wore my heart on my sleeve
Claiming she the one like Billy Jean
Now what the deally?
She want my name, so what's your aim
Said for the fame "you act silly"
Said colour me purple like seally,
"Until you do right by me, it all comes back to you really"
She said " breathe me, feed me, are we on the same page"
Nuff said believe me, "not your shoe size, act your age"
Until the end of time I'll adore you
"You know I'm here for you"
I need trust, communication, commitment and much more too

Writer/s: Geoff Wikinson / Reggi Wyns