The Triffids

Goodbye Little Boy

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Said you didn't need me
Said you had to leave me
So I helped you pack your bags
And I showed you to the door

Thought I heard a cab door
Just before I hit the cold floor
But I woke up in the morning
And I drank a little more

You said I cramped your style
I didn't make you smile
And all my sweet nothings
Came to nothing in the end
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye little boy

Phone rang in the night
I woke up with a fright
You crying "Something isn't right"
And you were coming home again

You said you'd changed your mind
You'd been thinking 'bout the good times
How we should always be together
And forever you'll be mine

Why don't you leave for good this time
Do me a favour, stop wasting my time
I'm tired of drinking, fighting and crying
Why don't you leave for good this time

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye little boy

(Don't hold your breath, read my lips
I've got a million other suckers to get my kicks
Do me a favour, stop, wasting my time
I'm so tired, I'm so fucking tired)

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