Goodbye my babe

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When will you ever grow up and realize
I'm through with playing games
And wasting precious time
If you don't come around
I'll have to let you go
I think you ought to know...that
I wanna be on my own

I know this may come as
A surprise to you
But you know that life goes on
There's nothing we can do
I'm not the same poor fool
That loved you yesterday
No matter what you say...boy
I've gotta be on my way

Goodbye...goodbye my baby
Goodbye my baby...bye, bye
If you break someone's heart then
Someone will make you cry

Goodbye...goodbye my baby
Goodbye my baby...bye, bye
My heart is not a playing
Goodbye my baby bye, bye

Don't think that I regret
What you've put me through
I've learned my lesson well
I know what not to do
I'll never treat my love
The way you treated me
You really made me see...boy
The way things ought to be

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