Sham Rain

Goodbyes Painted Black

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Cover your eyes
They are playing our lives
It's not a pleasant sight
All the things we tread down
And leave
Behind to die

Say goodbye

As the fear rises
It is concealed
Chains of discretion
Suppress our needs
Dark shades replace the green
Of our scenery we painted black

Say goodbye to all that

So who will take the blame
For killing all our dreams
For mother earth that bleeds
If not you and me
Is everything all right?
Peoples faces lie
There is no more time
Our everlasting truth
Dies in a blink of an eye
So say goodbye
Say goodbye

This world
We are all a part of and helped to shape
Will end tonight
Tomorrow a different world begins
A different era will arise
The one we have chosen
This world will end tonight
The time has come,
The time has come for the disfigured earth,
To make mankind pay for its defacement