Good Enough

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Just like the old times
I know a lot of you all out there can relate to the old times
So this one is for you

If i take you back in the room
Spin you around my baby
Take off your clothes and all of mine too
Laid you down, way down

We can be discrete, nobody has to know
We don't need no sheets, we can just close the door, my baby
I can take you places you ain't been before
Soon as we get there, baby
You'll be coming back for more, cuz

If ain't good enough, good enough, baby
I'll work harder
I keep pumpin' every minute girl
And baby i'll do you up, do you up, baby
And i will not stop
'til i know you're hot

If i touch your body tonight
Will you touch mine?
(will you touch me baby? right here!)
Kiss both your lips and rub on those thighs
Taste your wine (lemme taste you baby! aaah!)

I can do it soft, or i can do it hard
I can make you scream if you let down your guard, my baby
It's not too far from here to ecstasy
I know you want good lovin', so lay your body next to me

Hook 2 times

So moving in your body
Feels like i'm gonna be in here all night
And when the love gets rolling
There's no telling when i'll stop
Filled to the brim, i'm gonna trim
You down to the very last drop

And if ain't good enough for you, baby
I'll do it all for you
And i will not stop 'til i know you're hot

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