Earth and Fire

Good Enough

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Darling, it must be lonely out there
Crying in your penthouse suite
On the rebound of a broken affair
Love was just a dead-end street

Darling, i see you pick up the phone
Dialing any number but mine
If you don't want to spend the night alone
I'll be waiting down the line

But if my love ain't good enough
Tell me how can i make you want me
If my love ain't good enough
Tell me how to make you change your mind
All i need is just a little time

Darling, i watch your every move
Never let you out of my sight
I need no alibi, no suspect or proof
I only want you by my side
Tha's right

My love is strong enough to hold you
My love can weather any storm
My love can sail the wildest oceans
I know, whatever you may say
My love will never fade away

Writer/s: T. Scherpenzeel

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