Animal Collective

Good Lovin' Outside

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There's a place I know where we can go
Slide on down the wooden staircase

Good lovin' outside
Let's find a good place
And take off your clothing
I stopped wearing a watch
But I've kissed your face
Twice since we left the party
And things really get going
Things really get going

We can watch the things we eat
But I need your come and escape with me
And we can loath in moss all night
You're kind and sweet and I feel your inside
And I'll kiss you in the kitchen when there's lovin' outside
I'll touch you and you'll touch me
The rain won't scare us cause we're lovin' outside

I'm wearing your shirt
So act like a kid
And pretend to hit me
'Cause we act in the funniest ways
But it's just like it should be
With good love on the outside


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