Good Mourning

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";Good morning, Brook-nam";
Another stop... on the train
(wake up... wake up... wake up...)
We come to a stop that everybody got to make...
Whether you local or express

[Talib Kweli]
What's the meanin of ghettofabulous
Not ridin the back of the bus
I'm a revolutionary antagonist
Some playas is mad at us for just doin our music out of love
Some underground heads is hatin cause we have fun at clubs
I'm probably on some government list for my rhymin
You a fool if you don't think they already tapped your line
Medicine is big business so my remedies is herbal
It's music is for the people so we Reflection Eternal
Listen, you hear the difference between science and science fiction
We blow it out like if you leave on every appliance in the kitchen
at once; still rolling kind bud in Cuban blunts
On the corner watchin how kids comin to Brooklyn for they fronts
Niggas run past what they need chasing after what they want
Fuckin chumps, you walk down the street and get jumped
Brooklyn cats like to bubble out of town no lookin back
When you a ghetto chef you mastered the art of cookin crack
Some get caught sleepin on the Mother City so when they go
They come back as tales of niggas we used to know
Never looked up to see the stars in all they heavenly glory
Just straight ahead cause the peripheral is buildings with mad stories
Not floors but dramas is played out, shorties get laid out
like respect and fade out like TV sets
into the banks of our memories (let it be) we'll never forget you
Lyin on your deathbed askin for God to bless you

[Hook: Talib Kweli]
Good mourning, good afternoon, good night
What have you done with your life?
Everybody time comes to be embraced by the light

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