Lea Finn

Good News

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Good News / Good News / An Angel Brings Good News /
Good News / Good News / I Meet You With Good News *
Close Your Eyes / Fold Your Hands / For a Moment Let Your
Sorrow Fade / Why, Oh, Why Are You Afraid / Has This World
Stripped You of Your Faith / Close Your Eyes and On Bended
Knee / Listen to An Angel Pray / and Once Again Prepare the
Way / So You'll See a Gift That's Given / For You a Time of
Joy/ Behold a Baby Boy * Bow Your Head / Speak Not a
Word / Let the Silence Take You Far From Here / the Spirit
Disappear / Bow Your Head and On Bended Knee / Hear the
Story Once Again / the Child Grew Up to Wear a Cross / a
Child Grew Up to Pledge a Life / For Us a Time of Joy /
Behold, Christ a Baby Boy * For Us Is Born This Night / in a
Manger Wrapped in Swaddling Clothes / Christ the Savior,
Christmas Day / All Our Burdens Washed Away / We Break
The Bread / We Pour the Wine / and Angels Decend With a
Heavenly Sigh /