Good News From Heaven

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I'm back from heaven, a new place for sinners
New motivation for all beginners
They want to fill their capacity
Start to make changes, to make it all pretty
And on their blacklist, there are only killers
Fat politicians and other drillers
Afterlife now means a nonstop party
We'll all be together, the show has started

Tasting the freedom of eagles
Far from depression, worries of living
Tasting the freedom of eagles
Death really means the new beginning

Good news from heaven
We're on a new level
God's started to drink and smoke
And he's listening to rock'n'roll
Good news from heaven
We're on a new level
Angels love sex
And are really glad to make love to all

I'm back from heaven, i spoke with zeus
All preachers sermons are erroneous
He's open minded, knows what is better
Heaven's anthem is now heavy metal
Growler saint peter sells beer in bottles
And for the tourists tickets for shuttles
To get inside now, is not too risky
Give him a present, a bottle of whisky