Brenn Hill

Goodnight Lovin' Trail

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Too old to wrangle or ride on the swing
You beat the triangle and curse everything
If dirt was a kingdom then you'd be the king

On the Goodnight trail
On the Lovin' trail
The old woman's lonesome tonight
Your French harp moans like a lone bawlin' calf
And it's a wonder the wind
Don't tear off your skin
Get in there and blow out the light

Well the cookfire is out and the coffee's all gone
The boys are all up and they're raisin' the dawn
You're still sittin' there all lost in a song


With your snake oil and herbs and your linaments too
You can do anything that a doctor can do
Except find a cure for your own rotten stew


I know someday I'll be just the same
Wearin' an apron instead of a name
And no one can change it and no one's to blame


Writer/s: Bruce Phillips

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