Vienna Teng

Goodnight New York

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Goodnight, New York, New York
Goodnight, goodnight
I’ll see you all on the other side
After I am a different man with different eyes
Goodnight, you canyons of steel and light
Twist and turn where your alleyways hide
Swaying trains sheltering dreams and little white lies

Goodnight, goodnight
May you be always heartbreaking
Take a little more than you give
Yeah but when you give, oh my
Goodnight, goodnight
I walk away to remember who I am

Somewhere in the woodland
Somewhere in streams
Little life shuffles into the day
Folded wings into flattening veins and fluttering eyes
Somewhere my lifeline still hums and sings
In the mess of all I have thrown away
Hungry now, I am gathering seeds to throw wide

Goodnight, goodnight
May you be always breathtaking
Cold winter, sink your teeth in me
June sun, beat me blind
Goodnight, goodnight
I’m on my way to remembering who I am

And in your way you remain
You will claim all this space
In my way I’ll remain
Even as it takes my place
In your life, at your side
You were right
I’ll say goodnight but it’s never goodbye

Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight
May you always start breaking my heart again

Good morning, lover
Give me your hand
Today begins and it’s all that we have