Human Drama

Goodnight Sweetheart

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Sweetheart can you hear me
I'm a hundred million miles from you today
All we treasured, all we promised
Flew out the windows of our hearts
A love we'd never seen so strong
I guess baby, life was just too much for us

All the tears I cried for you
All the hope I never knew
To think I'll never hold your hand
Touch your face or look into your eyes again
The way we looked in no other eyes before
And never will again

Darling, it's not all right now
Don't misunderstand what I say
My greatest fear stands before me
And if blood is life you are my blood
The reason I wake up
Only you lie next to me no more

All the tears I cried for you...

Why did we fall?
Was it just the human curse we failed to beat?
To our weakness we turned a blind eye
Our innocence led us to the trap
With flesh and bones we could not lift out
The heart we worked so hard to build