Bizzy Bone

Good Vs. Evil

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-Bizzy Bone-Intro-
You'll never grow. You'll never grow. They turn true ghetto stories into ghetto fairy tales. (The battlezone)
-Bizzy Bone- Chorus-
And ya'll will never grow, ya'll will never grow... And, how does it feel that way? And, how does it feel that way? (The army's on way...)
-Bizzy Bone
She went from prom queen to smokin' crack/ Now Bizzy's got your back/ He's sharin' needles with his people, tryin' to hide the money/ I can see him runnin' with the sack (c'mere) and they always blame the white man/ My sisters been addicted to unemployed niggas and I stand all up on my lonely and gives a fuck about a, fuck about a, the fuck about a nigga who can't take care of my sisters/ They ain't got to be black to be my motherfuckin' niggas, and it ain't got to be cold out to keep me warm in the winter/ Where the women now? I can name a few in the rush/ Where the sinners at? You, me, get to the back of the bus/ Ooh, I'm lookin' at my life, at my life and the future (And the future) Even if they kill me twice (Kill me twice)
-Prince Rasu-(Bizzy Bone)-
(Yeah) Formed as a devil bred killa for (?) / Though I walk through the Valley of Death, I'm straight soldier/ Trust no one, sting 'em like scorpions with guns/ Champion, hard headed thoughts and high as the sun/ I done schemed with killas drank Rum loadin them, dum-dums/ Premeditated shit makin' your clique run, run/ It ain't no fun/ I adds to the obituary section/ But niggas that front get they wigs thoroughly disected/ Respect this! I know it ain't fair, but life's a bitch though, then you die/ Burried in dirt, drop like a '64/ Get your mind right / Trife life is double jepardy/ And vampire niggas draw blood, most definitely/ It's nowhere to run, where the fuck can you hide? Caught slippin' night time where these killas reside/ Now, you're life flashes before your eyes; It's drastic/ Angels appear makin' your life a past hit/ No business aspect, you want to be done with no scrilla? I'll throw your dumb ass in the river/ Actual mathematical chips daily to flip cash, compatible with sixteen inside of my clip/ Straight up! You get the whole side scraped up/ Gagged and taped up/ Chef Bouardi style caged the (?) up/ Lord have mercy, I'm down and dirty at 12:30/ Holed up at the spot like James Worthy/ My incarcerated diary / Testified killa lifestyle/ Shit that I be flowin' got me waitin' for trial/ The best seller black author down to (?) master of ceremony at the cemetery smokin' joints/ You never know when your time clock punch out/ Invincible niggas get the reserve gravesites dug out, no doubt [No doubt...]

Writer/s: Bizzy Bone