Waka Flocka Flame

Google Me

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Google me google me
It's gon tell you I'm a real nigga
Google me google me
I ain't never been scared nigga
Google me google me
I have been shot in jail nigga
Google me google me
I'm a always keep a tool on me [x2]

[Verse 1:]
I'm fresher than a babys ass
Tryna get that baby cash
2 deep in the coop just me and chazz
All I see think and dream about is cash
Never ever had cash wat I rap for is cash
Let's get money nigga signed to so icey no swagg
Flocka bout his cash jim carey chain on my trunk green as the mask
10 17 you can call dat shit brick squad 4 90 37 you can call dat shit hit squad
Slow down I'm goin outa breath flocka goin hard thinkin smart makin new friends keep my
Hands in I'm about a dollar and I got no fuckin sense I need a big ass house with a white
Picket fense
(so flocka)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Google me tell me wat you find cocaine dealers stay cookin all da time
Whippin four ways babys and nine murderistic minds keep a 40 by my side
Cartel be a real mexican goonie trap doin crazy numbers(?)pussy talkin shit but now
He sayin nothin pull up to the red light mgm dumpin 2 always zoomin dats part of my
Wardrobe scared of killin niggas then wat you got a strap for if you ain't gettin money
Then what you live for six figure playmate on my fucking cellie phone

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Google me nigga pull up my resume it's gon tell you I do gangsta shit everyday
I swear to tell the whole truth and nothin but the truth so I gotta keep it 100 wen I'm in the
Booth and wen I'm in the streets even in my sleep I can go anywhere bet they'll remember
Me into the red scott you better do yo homework I had my own pistol I had my own purp
I never been a bitch I never turned snitch so if you disrespect me that'll get you burned
Quick I hate bitch niggas I hang with real guys cause I'm a real nigga you better realize

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4:]
Google me mother fucker k-I-n-t-e-o waka flocka so icey mafia may cut throat
Ball heads tatted up mexicans from da a box chevorlet 28 amigo gettin paid
Google me see me black rag and pistol love dis gangsta shit gutta life is what I live fo'
Type of nigga that'll blow no blow type of nigga that'll snatch yo hoe south atlanta
Murder street in the hood you'll find me forest park riverdale tool on deck google me
Need work need pills friends yeah just google me make money live fast drug fights and
Gang life might sell yo grave yeah and kick yo door da same night