Bob Luman

Go On Home Boy

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Windmill turning in the summer breeze go on home boy
Front gate squeaking and she needs some grease go on home boy
Mama is a washing up the supper dishes
Daddy's out back cleaning some fishes
Go on home boy ah go on home

The road is dusty and it needs some rain go on home boy
Barns are rusty and they need some paint go on home boy
Shep is waitin' at the front yard gate
Yelpin' and a barkin' he can hardly wait
Go on home boy mhm go on home

Yeah big size city done and had its day
I'm gettin' homesick I'm on my way
When I get back I'll never roam
Ain't no place like home sweet home

Barbara's waitin' by the wellhouse path go on home boy
Warm lips waitin' to welcome me back go on home boy
There'll be a weddin' just as soon as I'm home
Then I'll never ever be alone
Go on home boy oh go on home
Mhm mhm I'm coming home mhm mhm I'm coming home

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