Goon Turned God

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Evil Red Flame
Real shit

[Verse 1: Lil B]
I got the infrared, now ya dead
Niggas come to taliban
Loading clips to gat attack
Sharp like Randy Moss
Bitch riding shotgun
My nigga in the other whip
Treat me like the president
Sending me them death threats
Thinking on some other shit
Nigga been had respect
But niggas wanna test me
That's when I Wayne Gretzky
And put em on ice
That really really gets me
And I'm rich like Lisa Lesley
And I don't rock ice
And yes I run the ESPYS
And yes I smoke, the best weed
Buy a pound next week
Sell it back next week
The hustle just jet speeds
Like Footlocker
With clips up in the locker, like boom shaka locka
I'm Taaka like vodka
We riding Tonka
Like Hustler and D-Love
The game full of scrubs, computer screen thugs
Nigga fareal
Young bloods, young cuz
Fareal young thugs
Cuz life ain't easy
Niggas wanna leave me splattered
Key word niggas actors
Key word actor
Key word rapper
Spacebar bitches
Fake niggas..tabbing bitches
Altering all my profit
My homepage poppin'
Nigga play around, that AK..opera
More like a whopper
More like your father
Is that your blood on your rug?
Non-violent but you suckas pushed me way farther
Till I grab the AR, explode
Uh, Red Flame Fareal
Now you niggas know
I'm a goon turned god befo' twenty fo'
To the brain like dope nigga