Gory Melanoma

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Malignant sores seep, pustules erupt with cheese, degeneration of
Epithelium, phagocytic cells increase... the carcinoma disseminates through
Lymphatic fluid, giving rise to a myriad of metastic moppets, lambasted by
Lesions and suffering tissue rejection, as your countenance glides off in
Deliquesced droplets... infected layers of skin disembogue in sullied
Chunks, cleaved from connective tissue by fitful hands, your long face
Accentuated by pendulant flesh, debilitated by an aberration in the dna
Strand... corpulent moles and warts, symptoms of the sarcoma, abrading the
Neoplasm, you avulse the keratoma... a tumorous husk is amassed and left to
Decay, emitting a foul septic aroma, ameliorate the disease through total
Dermal regeneration, you slough the gory melanoma... irradiated and
Mutated, cancerous cells deviate, carcinogens and pathogens, the integument
You exuviate...

Writer/s: Exhumed