Hoodoo Gurus

Gospel Train

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Hey pilgrim, climb aboard the gospel train-
free trip to heaven - no time to explain
All aboard the gospel train!
All non-believers can go straight to hell.
Rival religions I condemn as well.
Non- believers go to hell,
They can take the rest as well.

I was a rock 'n' roller long ago.
The hours were too long and the pay was low.
Rock 'n' roller long ago.
I sinned in every way that's known to man,
I sure raised hell, but it was in God's plan.
Every sin that's known to man.
Must have been in God's plan.

(All aboard the gospel train, its leaving soon)

Now I'm a christian with a tale to tell,
I'd give it freely but I'm forced to sell.
Yes, I have a tale to tell.
I am a businessman in Jesus' name-
"Give unto Caesar", and give me the same!
Businessman in Jesus' name,
All aboard the gospel train!

Writer/s: David Faulkner

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