Baby K

Got Em Star Struck

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Baby k
Got em star struck
Hoodfavorite 2
Track 04

I'm in them cars
And them people wanna pause
Shorty looking so hard she about to fall
When I go out wit all my shit on
State of emergency national guard

I got em star struck
Egh egh egh
I got em star struck

Is my dough
Taller than ya lill brother
Is my girl friend hot enough
For you to fucker

Is a four door
Better than a two door
Then never satisfied
So I give a lil more

Throw this shit on
Like it's a chore
Better believe this
Here anit in stores

Egh, they make it rain
But imma make it pour
Better thunder and lightning
Got the girls fighting

Seems like forever is
Not a one night thing
Been like this for weeks
My g and it only gets better
Can't you see

What them diamonds
Do to me
Who me
Been hot for years
And yo know when you hot
O yea they stare

They said
Baby k can I have your
Autograph and
I said no doubt
And then the - passed out

I guess this what
Being famous all about
You know I shut it down
When I go down south

And when I go out dressed
To impress
Damn it's looking like
I done cashed my check

Morell of the story
If you hot you hot
And if they not they not
And then they shit might flop

And then it aint gone matter
If that shit is pop
And if that shit is rap it might still
Be whack