4th Disciple

Gotta Be... Movin' On Up

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Chorus: Prince Be

we be movin' on up
to the eastside
where I can do my bid in a phat ass crib in the sky
we be movin' on up
to the eastside
and it looks like we gonna get some cream from the pie

Verse 1: Ky-Mani

I always aim at the right gate
make you bite ate
running jooks on the lightweight
monopolize jeans
Brooklyn hone my genes
baby burners get squeezed
move up movin' apartment twenty two m
forty fours for the coolin'
trips puttin' two in
shadey broads off tour suin'
who hate us
little Kevin double down on eleven out in Vegas
playin' Biggie
mo money mo jiggy
flig me
the more stones the more izee
smoking pain in the range with my nigga Shockem
rose fed keep a road straight
broken nose red
baller bust we the dust
if you ain't eatin' it's us
like we might fold
servin' niggas frontin' like it's white gold
dying hold the lying ain't the right goal
(where you from?)
Brooklyn baby
Brooklyn baby
I'll cap your top call me John if you want lady


Verse 2: Prince Be

you ain't fresh
unh-uh nah baby
everybody wanna be a superstar baby
I ain't get the dough to act like abandon you
I just got things to do
ooh la la oui oui
freak freak
you say you want trendy you say you want sheik
and honey dips rubbin' on your money clip
hangin' at your place
boardwalk and parkplace
actin' all new
look at you how ya livin'
meanwhile your style's played out like racism
me I'm fresh out of love it's quite tragic
when all they wanna do is inspect my gadget
and change a Superman to Clark Kent
all for the sake of fake amusment
she said what do you consider fun
if you can get it get it get it


Verse 3: Ky-Mani

said I been tryin' these rocky roads for so long
still I had to hold on
I'm trying to make that dough to move on
papa told me stay strong
time has come to make that change
here comes the sun there goes the rain
take that first step to tommorrow
hey hey
life may bring you joy and sorrow
now I'm dottin' my i's and crossin' my t's
lordy I'm moving up
takin' care of my biz