Acoustic Junction


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Steps out of the home, waking up
Nearby they're lining up
Cigarettes and coffee cups and food for thought
Says she wants to stop along the way
Says something about something for the very next day
Something she don't need but what she wants she cannot get
And as far as she's concerned,
Nothing's happened to her yet
It's a small town
It's a big world

You may have to move, it don't quite fit
And who knows, if we stay, we might get used to it
And if it never left to never know
For some it's easy to stay
For some it's easy to go

We walk together
We walk alone
We walk in comfort
We walk the unknown

Well the heart takes us where people get along
Well others don't tell you everything you do is wrong
It's a wide river
It's a long way home

It makes no difference
Wherever you are
In a small town in a big world
Green is still green
And blue is still blue
Though I may see them different than you
Green is still green
And blue is still blue

Writer/s: Reed Foehl / Rupert Wates

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