Frozen Mist

Grey Skies Of Eternal Bliss

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Let the full moon and the grey skies, witness the angels in eteheral heaven. my endless passionate love for you, this day and night my heart cries pain! thy sight of lingering beauty, i live for your heavenly amber eyes... your hair like the erotic fire, a cloud that softens my blistered hands... in my sight i awaken to you, to feel you in the air like a dove, embrace your soul with a breath of love, i'm drawn inside your lust forever. communication of bodies like angels, the sexual erotica explodes like desire, to grow the feelings of new bodies, our new lives spinning together. how
I miss you, my love forever, let the skies rejoyce, and i'll be with you forever. how
I miss you, my love forever, let the skies rejoyce, to be with you forever, i wish to be. i will always love you my dear, my love is for you always, my whole life i concentrate in you, and the real life begins for me... being with you. i will always love you from all my heart, heaven will open with a new mystery revealed. embracing and caressing your skin, i'll see you in the grey skies, the grey skies of eternal bliss, this moment i cannot resist.

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