Brenn Hill

Greys River Road

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Andy hired on to the Box why in the spring

He saved his summer wages and he bought a diamond ring

Now he's ridin' in the roundups in the early autumn snow

But he'll be meetin' Amy on the Greys River Road


And the Greys River Road

It winds and winds

All the way to Alpine

Andy is a cowboy like none she ever knowed

Amy is the girl at the end of the Greys River Road

Andy took her up to Deadman Mountain on the pass

He gave her the ring and he kneeled down to ask

For her hand and her kiss the sweetest thing he ever knowed

In all his days of ridin' that old Greys River Road


Andy promised Amy it was time to settle down

And "build us a cabin on the outskirts of town."

But a cowboy's life is the only life he ever knowed

And he'll be leavin' Amy for that Greys River Road


Amy is the girl at the end of the Greys River Road

Writer/s: Brenn Hill

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