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Pledge a groovallegiance to the funk
The United Funk of Funkadelica
Uh, dey funk, well dey funk, today funk
Of da United Funk of Funkadelica

I pledge groovallegiance to the flag
Of funky, funky, funkadelica, yeah

With the united funk we can fly!

For if our cause was unjust
We couldn't bring this funk to you
So we feel that it's a must
It is something we should do

Let me take you by the hand
And spread the funk across the land
It's not hard to understand
Headin' for the master plan

Pledge a groovallegiance to the funk
(Oh yeah)
The United Funk of Funkadelica
Oh yea Hoo
Dey do do do da funk
Do da funk-de e de dee

Pardon me, but I can tell
We know each other very well
Take my funk and let it grow
And then we'll funk some more

Please come on, come all to the funk
Let your feelings grow as one
Join this nation, you will see
That we can make you free
Dip-Dip de-diddy-de-dep-dee

Pledge a groovallegiance to the funk
The United Funk of Funkadelica
Do dey, do dey funk?
Oh yeah
Do dey funk
Un, hum

So if you just take the time
You'd see we need to draw the line
When we do I'm sure you'll find
That we come to free your mind
Oh yeah

Do-doop--doop do-do-wow

Do you promise to funk, the whole funk and
Nothing but the funk
Go forth and funk

Writer/s: Bernie Worrell / George Clinton / Walter Junie Morrison

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